Friday, December 11, 2009

Best use of typography by me this semester.
This is my magazine layout. it is my favorite as of now because i feel like i got to apply a lot of what i learned to it. i of course had to kern my type because even though avant garde is a nice font it has some kerning issues for example the r's and the y's next the each other are way to close and almost overlap. and i would have two sets of those in my design. haha. i was excited to being designing things like layouts, logos, and business cards. i like the was this turned out the best though, it feels official. i cant wait to my photos in and get in printed out.

Interesting/Innovative Typography Found In Sharadin
This is another piece from the senior exhibition show. this was one of my favorites. i liked how they used the ed-interlocking font. and designed elements to make it feel more earthy. the rain drops on the water poster and roots on the roots poster for example. i thought it was an interesting choice of font because it seams free flowing like its breaking out of the area its suppose to stay in. it branches out and reaches into the next letters area. which i think goes along with the message to spread you self out and reach out to do things for others.

Type As Art
This is a poster i found in the senior exhibition gallery. i couldnt get the entire poster because i felt like the art was in the detail of the piece. they use text but it isnt there to be legible it is used more as a shape and a contrast to the bright colors the artist includes. the type is there as just another element that contributes to the layered painterly feeling of this poster.

When Good Type Goes Bad
This flyer was sitting on my table at the sub. the part that i feel doesnt fit is "finals week"and "hours". i feel that that font just makes me think of old westerns and wanted signs. i dont think its appropriate use of the font. if they wanted a bid bold fount they could of tried impact. if they wanted something more fancy, a san serif like cheltenham or new century school book would have been more effective.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is a nike ad. i have it hanging up in my dorm room. its my favorite ad from them. they tend to use interesting type or quotes. the quote is a big part of why i really like it, but also i love how the text looks like the soul of a shoe. the way the type is designed is really organic and flowing. lovee ittt =)

Rebus/icon incorporated into the text.
This is the logo of the paper that apparently we use in our class' printer. this was the box that all the paper was stored in. i like the way the sun works with the type. how it "dots" the i and then come back around to connect at the bottom again. its an interesting design simple and not to busy, but effective. and i think it works well using the sun to play on the "bright"-ness of the paper.

Good Use of A Ligature
This is brandi's type id quiz. the font is american typewriter. this quiz had many ligatures, but this one is my favorite. i think the way the two letters interact together is really nice. not only does the ball terminal of the f create the dot of the i, but the cross bar of the f also connects to the serif of the i. its a well designer ligature.